Will Anupamaa accept the truth of Vanraj-Kavya’s affair or stand by her husband?

Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa is gearing up for a major twist in the story as Vanraj and Kavya’s love affair will be finally out in front of Anupamaa.

The viewers will see how Kavya will enter the Shah family in a miserable condition and tell Vanraj that she will stay with him.

If this shock wasn’t enough, Anupamaa will get yet another shock as Anirudh will create troubles for Kavya and Vanraj.

In the upcoming episode, Anirudh will suddenly visit Vanraj’s house. Anupamaa will welcome him as she is not aware of why Anirudh has come home.

But a few seconds later, Anupamaa will get the biggest shock of her life when Anirudh will reveal Vanraj and Kavya’s extramarital affair.

Anupamaa will be shocked to the core. Vanraj and Kavya will also be shocked.

Vanraj’s mother and mama ji too will be surprised. Meanwhile, Anupamaa will burst into tears after knowing the truth of the two.

It will be interesting to see if Anupamaa will believe this bitter truth or stand by her husband.

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