When Aditya Narayan dedicated a ROMANTIC song to Neha Kakkar on Indian Idol 11

Indian Idol is one of the most popular singing reality shows of the small screen. Every season of Indian Idol went on to become a huge hit among the viewers.

We all know season 11 was hosted by Aditya Narayan, and Neha Kakkar was one of the judges of the show. The viewers have witnessed how Aditya used to flirt with Neha and try to woo her. Meanwhile, Neha was always left speechless with Aditya’s flirting.

In one of the episodes of the great grand premiere, the viewers witnessed an amazing moment between Neha and Aditya where both had a romantic moment.

Aditya asks for a romantic setup where both sit on the moon and Aditya dedicates a romantic song to Neha. The singer blushes after Aditya’s romantic gesture and also joins him and both beautifully sing together.

The viewers were left awestruck to see Neha and Aditya’s sweet chemistry.

Fans wanted Aditya and Neha to get married and their wedding news went viral on social media. However, both have denied and stated that they are just good friends.

Aditya too is an established singer in Bollywood just like his father.

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