Siddharth Nigam’s family reacts to his ‘relationship’ with Avneet Kaur

Siddharth Nigam currently plays the lead role in Aladdin – Naam To Suna Hoga. He is often rumoured to be dating his co-star Avneet Kaur. In fact, the duo even made their relationship Insta-official. And now for the first time, Siddharth revealed how his family reacted to all this.

The actor told a media portal, ‘Well, no doubt that people keep linking us together all the time. But we simply say that who are we to judge someone’s relationship. We are quite young for all this. But we can definitely be good friends with whom we can share a lot of things and Avneet is one of them. Our bonding is really strong. She is like family to me and we support each other. At times I fail to understand why do people even feel that something is brewing between us as we never hangout and go for vacations. We always come together for work that’s all.’

Siddharth also revealed what makes people join two and two together. ‘The thing is we both are famous and look cute together. There is no doubt about it. And people like to see us together. But we and our family know that we are nothing more than friends. Thankfully, my family understands it. When people say hum dono relationship mein hai toh let me tell them that yes we are because friendship is also a relation.’

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