Shravan revisits his college trick to impress Devika in Ek Duje ke Vaaste 2

Sony entertainment Television’s Ek Duje ke Vaaste 2 is gaining huge popularity after its recent launch and the young actors Kanikka Kapur and Mohit Kumar have already become a household name with their characters of Suman and Shravan respectively. While Kanikka’s character of a disciplined girl has made her an inspiration for all girls across the country, Mohit’s chirpy character is impressing all and his dynamic nature has made him a heartthrob for girls across the nation.

In the current sequence of the show, audience can see Shravan impressing the army girl Devika with his cute moves and impressive talks. As he goes on his mission to make his place in the army school, he is trying to make friends with the people around him and in the process ends up getting into a relationship with Suman’s best friend Devika. While shooting for the sequence, Mohit got nostalgic as he realized how similar the sequence was to his college days. He remembered how he had used the same tactics to impress girls during those times.

Speaking about it Mohit Kumar said, “While I initially heard the script for this sequence in which I impress Devika through my cheesy lines, I actually remembered how we used the same tactic to impress girls in the college. To get into the feel, I even watched my old college videos and pictures and the feeling was so nostalgic, it all took me back to those golden memories and I am glad I got a chance to do such a sequence.”

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