Sania Mirza shares a heartfelt message on Eid

Sania Mirza – “This Eid, It just doesn’t feel the same for countless reasons!

This Eid, let’s think a little more about the needy, a little more about the less fortunate, a little more about the ones fighting for their lives and about the ones that have lost their lives due to a pandemic, plane crash or anything else. Pray for them and their families.

This Eid, pray for humanity, pray for health, for peace, for less hate and much more love, for togetherness again and for a world where we aren’t scared to hug each other without wondering if we would make each other sick..

This Eid, there is a lot to be thankful and grateful for. This Eid, let’s all come together while staying apart and wish for a better world and mercy from our creator in these hard times that the world is going through . I’m staying home this Eid with and for my loved ones, please do the same. Eid Mubarak”

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