Roadies Revolution: Contestants pour their hearts out on this week’s episode

Courage is the magic that turns dream into reality. With every episode, Roadies Revolution is creating quite a stir with some impressive stories of the contestants. While the last episode saw some of most interesting aspects, the fourth week witnesses contestants in the Pune auditions reveal some emotional stories of their lives, that will leave the celebrity leaders speechless!

One of the contestants, Apurva narrates a heart-wrenching story about a disturbed childhood because of the strained relationships between her physically abusive father and her mother. Another contestant, Akanksha confesses being the sole bread earner of the family and how due to her family’s difficult financial situations, she struggled through her way in life and chose to take up dancing as a profession to earn money. The celebrity leaders, along with the host Rannvijay are in awe of the spirit of these girls to rise in life despite the odds and have the zeal to make the most of it! And we hope they make it big in this journey on Roadies Revolution too!

Amidst this, the entertainment quotient continues to be high! The viewers will also see the contestants grooving to some hit dancing numbers to impress the celebrity leaders. The audition episodes are surely taking the audience on an emotional and a joyful ride. And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned to Roadies Revolution, every Saturday at 7pm only on MTV.

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