Rashami Desai has been proposed to enter Bigg Boss 14’s house

Too many speculations regarding Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai entering the house of the on-going reality show Bigg Boss 14 are doing the rounds.

In a recent interview, she reveals about her take on the current contestants, their game strategies and more.

“I know Eijaz as a senior. I had a very different image of him. But here when I see him, I think this is not the Eijaz I knew. As for Kavita, she is not doing anything to garner attention. She is on Bigg Boss 14 what she is in real life. She can never fake it. She is someone who is very clear and vocal about her likes and dislikes.”, Rashami places her opinion regarding the constant fights between Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik.

As per Devoleena’s claim, on being asked about Kavita Kaushik’s exit a ‘deja vu’ drama (owing to Rashami’s eviction from the house last year), Rashami confirms saying, “Absolutely. I don’t understand why that should be done to the audience. The connection with the viewers should be built rather naturally.”

Rashami asserts that she did not take a jive at Sidharth Shukla by complimenting Nikki Tamboli through her earlier “aisi ladki” comment for Nikki. “I don’t think it was a jibe. My comment was cute, it’s about individual perception.”.

“Well, I am quite amused by the number of stories that have been written about it. The fact is that I have been approached many times on different occasions in this season itself, but I haven’t yet finalised on it.”, Rashami revealed on being approached by the BB makers to enter the house this season.

Revealing her view on Jaan’s hold in the house, Rashami says, “Jaan is not able to derive support from other contestants despite asking for it constantly. He is being betrayed. One has to be either strong enough to stand on his/her own or manage to get support from others. Jaan has not been able to do either till now.”.

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