Rajan Shahi’s First Kut Production comes up with its next web series called Kameenkhori

Rajan Shahi’s First Kut Production’s (FKP) is out with its brand new web series titled Kameenkhori, which will go on air from 13th December. The writer of the show Bhavna Vyas says, “I created Guddu Beds Guddan for FKP three years ago. After that somehow writing for television kept me busy. But around August this year, I felt like creating something unique once again for the web. I always believe in a unique one line or a visual. One day, I accidentally came across the poster of Richard Gere’s film titled American Gigolo. And instantly I had this idea in my head. What if rural Indian women in veils call a gigolo for a spinsters party! That’s something unseen and unheard of. And that’s how KAMEENKHORI happened.”

She adds, ”Indian women don’t want to cut off their roots or culture. A lot of them don’t want to discard their sarees and run around in mini skirts. All they want is to be allowed to have fun sometimes. That’s what the show is about. The concept is woven with threads of comedy and crazy confusions.”

Talking about the content of the show, she says, “There will always be an audience for good and unique ideas. There are no bold visuals but bold thinking. Where a mother hires a gigolo for her daughter and daughter-in-laws so that they can have fun for once in their life. This is a bold thought. We have created 6 Episodes of KAMEENKHORI. Of course, expectations are there and we are all positive that it will make its place in the clutter. I worked with 99 percent of the cast before on GBG and Baavle Utaavle. So I believe in them and their hard work.”

The male lead role will be played by Pratap Hada, who we have seen in Saathiya. “Pratap has that small-town innocence on his face and the best part was he had zero reservations about playing a gigolo. He wanted to try Something new wholeheartedly,” says the writer.

Rajan Shahi, the man behind FKP says, “One of our first offering Love Sex & Viagra is an extremely popular series and then we have made Guddu beds Guddan which actually later we turned into a television show Baavle Utaavle. On YouTube, we made short films like Kharonch and recently we celebrated 3000 episodes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Kameenkhori is an interesting and quirky series. The team of Kameenkhori has the same team of Guddu Beds Guddan which has writer Bhavna Vyas, director Rishi Mandyal and DOP Gulshan and they are all also part of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. So it is an interesting creative process when the same production people of Yeh Rishta is coming up with Kameenkhori. As a maker, I believe YouTube has an immense reach and with First Kut Productions, we are making shows which can cater to a larger audience, we are creating a different set of programs and also giving scope to various directors and creatives.”

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