Prince – Yuvika call the makers of A Date To Remember UNPROFESSIONAL

The upcoming dating reality show A Date To Remember has been buzzing for quite some time. For those who don’t know, it all began when Manu and Nitibha were hired to host the series, later on, rumors were rife that reality starlets Prince – Yuvika replaced the duo. After series of events, auditions and major changes, the makers reportedly replaced the dynamic duo with another reality newbie Divya Agarwal. tellycolors has been in the forefront while reporting about the dating show produced by the banner with the same name of the series – A date To Remember Ltd.

While our sources from the show’s production revealed that the decision behind Prince – Yuvika’s eviction was mutual, sensing something fishy, tellycolors has gone deep to investigate the whole matter. A source from the production house shared that Prince and Yuvika had a problem with Manu Punjabi, who is an integral part of the show. Therefore, the makers and the couple parted ways on the mutual basis.

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We also got in touch with few other sources of ours for our wholesome reportage. A little birdie under the terms of anonymity revealed to us that the makers were charging money from the aspiring contestants who wanted to be a part of the show. They were forcing the contestants to pay an exorbitant sum of one to two Lakhs to become a participant on the TV reality show. “When Prince and Yuvika found out about it they didn’t wish to be a part of the series anymore,” a source claimed.

To know both the sides of the story tellycolors spoke to Prince and Yuvika and tried to find out the real reason behind their eviction. In an exclusive and explosive interview with tellycolors, Prince and Yuvika lambasted the makers and exposed their unethical practices.

The hot hunk Prince Narula who has an extensive experience in reality shows shared his disregard for the show. “We are not doing that show. They have extended it for a long period and wasted our time. Then my dates stared clashing with Roadies. They were behind us every day but then I refused that we are not doing that show.” On probing further he said, “I didn’t understand the setup and people. Now they are bringing new people in between, so I don’t think that the show will do any wonders. We’ll have our love for the show.”

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When asked about the news of the makers charging money from the contestants, Prince in his baritone said, “Yes, that’s the main issue! We got to know that they are taking money from the contestants; so we understood that such show won’t ever work, because there’s no talent. This didn’t happen in front of me I have only heard about this. That is when I realized that we don’t want to be part of such show.” On the allegations about his discomfort with Manu Punjabi, Prince denied it straight away. “We don’t have any problem with Manu Punjabi. That’s bull sh*t. They didn’t have their concept or dates ready. They are not professional. For instance, they asked us to allot two days for a promo shoot. We gave them those dates thereupon they canceled the shoot at the last moment. Because of all this, a lot of my dates have been wasted.”

Yuvika Chaudhary who was elated to be a part of the show seemed sad post the whole fiasco. “I was pretty excited for the show since our (Prince – Yuvika) fans wanted us to see together. But these guys are very unprofessional. There’s no clarity of set up and dates. They are not even clear about their format! On top of that, they are shifting our dates and wasted our time. I’ve been too polite to them and that was the problem I feel.” She further added, “I don’t have any issues with Manu. Why would I? It’s just the makers! They promise one thing and then go back to their words. They’ve been going out talking to random reality stars, asking them for the show. Every day some other person’s name pops up. How many people do you need for a show?”

When we asked her about the story of the makers charging money, Yuvika gave her opinion. “I came to know that they are taking money from aspiring contestants, I haven’t seen it though but it is sad. I have a reputation and I’m not interested to spoil it. So we decided to opt out,” she shared.

Talking about the scenario, “We have gone for two audition rounds; however we haven’t got any single penny yet. We don’t want to get there. I’m just done. I doubt if the show will ever see the light.”

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