nkita Bhargava explains her actions to her little daughter

Ankita Bhargava and Karan Patel were blessed with a beautiful daughter on 14th December 2020. In a long Instagram Post, Ankita penned down a heartwarming letter for her daughter Mehr.

Her post read, ‘Mera Bachha Mehr, I brought you into this world (More than Willingly) Thus its my duty to tell you why I have locked you up within the four walls of our home!Just when we bought you a pram to show you what the world is like… The little bit of Greenery near Nani-Nana house,The Almost Blue Occasional Sky,The not so fresh air….We are keeping you indoors like there is no tomorrow! So let me tell you why I chose to add you into this maddening world.If there is chaos,There is also peace,If there is sadness,There is also Happiness,If there are Demons,There are also Angels!

I believed that I will bring up my child with so much Positivity,Sensitivity,Empathy,Love,Kindness and Goodness that she will grow up and make this world a better place! #needofthehour

Now, Let me go on and tell you whats actually happening.The world has come to a stand still Because Nature has finally decided to teach us a lesson! The human race has been tearing apart the very soul of our planet!Plants,Animals,Mountains,Rivers,Forests,Less privileged human beings,Women…. Everything was exploited to the T.’

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