Naagin 4 to go off air

Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural show Naagin and its franchise have always been a successful venture despite changing the actors in every season. The loyal fans shower the show with love and TRPs. Naagin 4 has also received a lot of accolades from the viewers but the latest development will definitely bring in some disappointment as well as some happiness. Now, we have learnt that Naagin 4 is coming to an end. That’s right! According to a report, the channel and the makers have come to a decision to end the fourth season. But the makers are now making way for the new season immediately.

A source was quoted saying to the portal, ‘The channels and the makers have come to a decision to end the fourth season making way for the new season immediately. The fourth season did not work as expected and Rashami’s addition to the show only added to the budget constraints in this time of economic crisis amid others. Hence, after speaking to the production house, it was decided that not just Rashami, Nia, and Vijendra’s character will also be ending. But, the decision is not taken on the basis of the budgetary constraints completely, the fact that despite all the experimentations, the show couldn’t meet the expectations. This forced them to take this step.’

Just some days back, it was reported that Rashami Desai, who was the latest entrant in the show, will not be a part of it anymore because of budget constraints. Speaking about the same, the source informed that the decision of pulling the chord from Naagin 4 was informed to Desai first as her character in the show was not really developed which was then followed by Nia Sharma and Vijayendra Kumeria.

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