My experience with TV was bad the Iast two times: Baarish 2 fame Asha Negi

Asha Negi returned alongside Sharman Joshi for web series Baarish 2. The show premiered its first season on ALTBalaji last year and returned with the second season, which has been doing quite well. Asha opened up on why she chose Baarish and why has she become selective about choosing content.

Stating what one can expect in the second season, she said, ‘We have tried to keep the simplicity and essence of the show. At the same time, we have tried to take it up by a notch when it comes to drama and intensity, the other characters will get to do more in this season.’

She has become pretty selective with her choices today. Agreeing to it, the actress revealed, ‘Yes, I have been selective. In fact, I did not pick anything else for two-three years before I took up Baarish. I did not do fiction. My experience with TV was bad the Iast two times. I picked up the shows and it went off-air in a month, I was really upset after that and demotivated and sort of depressed. That’s when I decided I won’t do anything or everything that is offered. I will be selective. Finally, when Baarish came, I was like finally. I am a fan of Pakistani shows and this show has that essence.’

Would she return to TV? ‘When it comes to content, I wouldn’t want to do the typical TV show. But if I get a show which is interesting, a good concept, be it on TV, web or film, I will do it.’

Money or creative satisfaction, how does she chose? ‘Money, that factor only comes if I am interested in the project. Otherwise, it is mindless. I think now I am pretty much wanting to do good characters, the money will be secondary. I am okay doing something with less money also but it needs to have substance.’

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