Mahira Sharma shares happy memories of herself and Rashami Desai from BB13

Bigg Boss 13 was the most popular season of the controversial reality show. While some bonds got stronger, others got nasty with time. Rashami Desai and Mahira Sharma initially shared a cordial bond and were part of the same group. However, slowly and steadily, they started drifting apart. There came a point when they couldn’t see each other eye-to-eye. From calling names to yelling at each other, Rashami and Mahira had some of the ugliest fights on Salman Khan’s show.

However, after the show concluded, the two actresses were seen sharing some warmth. Yes, let go of the past, as whatever happened was a part of the show, and hugged it out. But, before matters took an ugly turn in their friendship, Rashami and Mahira also had their sweet moments, which they would cherish for times to come. And looks like they’re already missing each other. Yes!

Recently, Mahira took to her Instagram handle to share a beautiful collage of her ‘Happy moments’ with Rashami in the house. From Mahira sleeping on Rashami’s shoulder to Rashami tying her hair, the picture gave us a glimpse of the good bond they shared. Well, Mahira did not write much, and just added a heart emoji, but the love-filled pictures are surely a treat for their fans.

Rashami also reciprocated to Mahira’s feelings and re-posted the picture on her story. Well, isn’t this what friendship is all about?

Have a look.

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