Lovey Sasan gets inked!

Lovey Sasan a.k.a Paridhi Sharma of Saath Nibhana Saathiya fame has a tattoo now

Actress Lovey Sasan has been getting rave reviews for her portrayal of Paridhi Modi in the leading Star Plus daily Saath Nibhana Saathiya. Her compliments go to such a height that people compare her with her on-screen bahu Sona.
The popular actress, who is doing well professionally, got herself inked recently.
After a lot of debate and contemplating, the actress made up her mind, mustered up the courage and inked the words Maa on her wrist.

We contacted Lovey who told us, “Yes, I have finally done it. It was there on my mind since a long time. But I could never muster up enough courage to do it. But now, I have finally been able to do it. I have inked the word Maa because I am very close to her. ”
On her bond with her mother, she said, “My mother has been throughout for me. She was the one who had complete faith and trust in me.”

Lovey’s mother is still not aware of her daughter’s tattoo. She says,”My mom stays in Jammu. So I am planning to surprise her.”

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