Kaanch Ka Lehanga for Neha Pednekar in &TV’s Laal Ishq

Challenges appear in several forms for actors. While some struggle to delve into the skin of their characters, others deal with managing the elements that enhance their role. Television actress, Neha Pednekar faced a similar challenge while shooting for &TV’s supernatural thriller show, Laal Ishq. The actress recently shot an episode donning an exquisite heavy lehenga detailed with intricate glasswork. While the outfit truly enhanced her look, it left a few bruises on her hand.

As per the actress, the lehenga weighed more than 5kg and was specially customized as per the character and story of the upcoming episode. Despite being burdened by the weight during a 12-hour shoot, Neha gracefully managed herself in the outfit and showed the least signs of any hindrance. While the unique intricate work on her lehenga left her bruised, the actress was more than delighted at the special outfit she donned throughout the show.

Talking about the same, she said, “I have portrayed different characters in different looks, each being great. However, the outfit I wore for Laal Ishq is by far one of my most favourite. It was a beautiful vibrant red piece with intricate glasswork woven into the fabric of the show. I personally think I quite dazzled in that!”

Adding further Neha said, “As much as I loved the outfit carrying it for an entire 12-hour shift and repeatedly having to run in different directions for scenes was a tough and tiring task for me to do. This is the heaviest outfit I have ever worn, and despite being bruised a bit on my arms due to the glasswork, the experience and overall look was definitely worth it.”

The upcoming episode of Laal Ishq is set against the backdrop of a small village that has a tradition being followed for several years together. Childhood sweethearts, Priya and Madhav both have returned to their village to tie the knot but what awaits them is the trap of an ancient tradition that requires each of them to perform a series of sacrifices for their love. Will these lovers manage to save their love from the curse that has trapped them?

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