Jordan Pruitt criticizes Lea Michele for being a terrible person in a scathing post

According to the latest news reports, The Voice actress Jordan Pruitt tweeted about Glee star Lea Michele for being a terrible person. Jordan Pruitt called out on Lea Michele for her terrible behaviour in a scathing post on Twitter.

Interestingly, Jordan Pruitt reportedly states that the controversy surrounding Lea Michele is known by one and all who are a part of the entertainment industry. The Voice alum, Jordan suggests that everyone who has been a part of the entertainment business knows of Lea Michele’s bullying and bad behaviour towards her co-stars.

The Cannonball singer shared a post supporting the Black Lives Movement which started post the unfortunate death of George Floyd. The tweet did not do down well with Lea Michele’s Glee co-star Samantha Marie Ware. The actress stated how Lea Michele made her life miserable when they both were shooting for the show. Samantha Marie Ware slammed Lea for her wrongful behaviour and how she bullied her when they were filming the show. After Jordan Pruitt’s tweet, one of the Twitter used urged the actress to speak in depth about Lea Michele ‘bad behaviour’ and how she being a very difficult person for no good reason.

Jordan Pruitt reportedly responded back saying that some people should be shown their rightful place. This was not the end of story, Glee actor Heather Morris also reportedly revealed how Lea Michele was not at all a pleasant or easy person to work alongside with.

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