I think one should be vocal about their feelings irrespective of their gender – says Anjali Tatrari of Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

Sony Entertainment Television’s Mere Dad Ki Dulhan has enjoyed immense popularity ever since the show went on air. Audience not just loved the progressive story that questions whether there a defined age to find a companion in life but also the beautiful and real relationship between a father and the daughter. Ambar Sharma (Varun Badola) and his daughter Niya Sharma (Anjali Tatrari) are setting major father-daughter goals and have been seen encouraging each other in the matters related to the heart.

While Ambar is heartbroken with the recent developments in his love life with Guneet, Niya on the other hand has realized her feelings for her long time friend, Kabir. To confess or not to confess her feelings towards Kabir, that is the question. While Niya is battling this thought in the show, Anjali who essays the character of Niya beautifully, has a different take in real life.

When probed, Anjali mentioned, “I think one should be vocal about their feelings irrespective of their gender. We’ve all grown up with the notion that its men who propose or ask for a girl’s hand in marriage or even confess their feelings first. But I don’t see any issue in being a girl and walking up to a guy I know and telling him how much I like him. So when I had to prepare for this scene with Kabir, my first reaction was, Niya ko jaake bol dena chahiye. What’s the point of keeping your feeling to yourself?”

She further added, “I had once confessed my feelings to one of my best friends in college. I had a soft corner for him. He was always sweet and respectful towards me. So, I shared my feelings with him even though I didn’t intend to be in a relationship with him. I was very dedicated to my career, but I wanted him to know that it’s nice to have a respectful, supportive and genuine friend like him. I feel one shouldn’t live in regret. Then one constantly feels that had I said something, things would have been different. So, we need to act upon it. I also don’t feel that such an action guarantees 100% positive results. Both a boy or a girl can choose to accept or reject the proposal. But getting it all out, just relieves you from unnecessary stress.”

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