Honestly, I am scared because we don’t have a drug out there: Saumya Tandon on resuming shoots

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain actress Saumya Tandon revealed that she is worried and scared to resume work and shoot for her popular TV show as the industry opens. The actress has many queries in terms of the guidelines to be followed, who will keep a tab on it, and so on.

In conversation with a media portal, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain actress sharing her concerns about resuming work and mentioned how the actors will be majorly on the ground means TV sets thus putting them at a higher risk. Also, she insists that someone should be appointed to do the mandatory checks of the people on the sets as this novel Coronavirus doesn’t necessarily affect everyone, sometimes the person unknowingly just becomes the carrier of it. She further adds though there are guidelines to be followed what’s challenging is to see how well they can be executed.

She said, “In those lists of rules, I still can’t find a rule which asks that everyone should be mandatorily be checked for COVID. I am worried about that because the networks and the producers won’t be on the ground working, we are the ones who are actually on the first line of fire. COVID 19 is an asymptomatic disease, anybody can carry the virus in their body and show symptoms later. So testing them for the same should be done. Secondly, we need someone to monitor if the rules are being followed or not.”

Also expressing further she mentions being scared as so far no country has managed to get a remedy to curtail this rapidly spreading virus. “Honestly, I am scared because we don’t have a drug out there. Because for the last three months, we were all careful to not even touch anyone or talk to anyone and suddenly we will be put in a place where at least 30-35 people will be shooting. So, my first reaction was that I am scared and apprehensive. I hope that the producers and networks are making the right arrangements to secure the lives of everyone because nothing is more important than that.”

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