Hina Khan and her father’s banter is unmissable

Hina Khan doesn’t seem to be in the pink of her health. She is on medication which apparently is giving her nausea. In the latest video that the actress has shared on Instagram, we have Hina’s father scolding her as she’s not taking medicines on time. The lady has a long argument with him, as he accuses her of not eating medicines to get cured. Hina is very active on social media and shares quite a few things about her personal life with fans. This time she has filmed her father scolding her.

In the videos, we hear her father saying that she is not taking her medicines, to which, the actress says that she is eating them all. She further complains that she threw up as the medicines gave her nausea. Hina’s father says that medicines don’t give nausea rather help to get cured. Hina further retaliates saying the medicines are ‘kadvi’ in taste, to which, her father says that these are Ayurvedic medicines and are good for health.

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