Gautam Rode’s IMPOSTOR dupes woman of Rs. 2 Lakhs!

The impostor allegedly tricked the woman by creating the actor’s fake Facebook profile!

Social media is indeed a double edged sword. Where on one side it makes the world a smaller place by connecting people across, it also has a flip side to it where it serves as a dangerous anonymous space.

According to a report in a regional daily, a woman named Rinku Rai, who claims to be a school teacher has reported to Gwalior Police about being conned by an impostor, who claimed to be TV actor, Gautam Rode.

She claims that she received a facebook request from the actor’s fake profile on March 21 which she accepted and the duo started chatting regularly as she was convinced that it’s the actor, Gautam that she is talking to. The guy soon proposed marriage to her and the duo started dating online after which she reportedly shared her intimate pictures and bank details with the guy.

Rinku also claims that the guy asked her to send 2 lakhs for the wedding expenses in his friend’s (Saurabh Tiwari) manager’s bank account. She realized that she is being cheated only when he kept avoiding to meet her. When she asked her money back, he started blackmailing her of posting her intimate pictures on social media.

As for now, she has requested the cyber cell to block all her social media accounts which have been hacked by the impostor. Gwalior Police is also investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, Gautam posted a message for his fans addressing this issue, asking them not to fall for such fake unverified accounts-

Whether or not the woman in concern has actually fallen prey to such cyber crime still remains a question, however, it does pop a thought that who in today’s day and age can be so naive?

We just hope fans be more cautious and careful.

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