Check out when Asim and Sunny Leone danced and set the stage on fire

Asim, when he entered the Bigg Boss, was nobody and the audiences hardly knew him, and with his hard work, the determination he had created a massive fan following not only in India but also overseas.

In fact, when Asim had lost Bigg Boss his fans were upset and on social media started to trend #fixwinnerSiddarth and #realwinnerAsim to show their support to him.

As we all know that in Bigg Boss a lot of actors also come to promote their movie and some come to give some tasks to the contestants.

Now in one of the episodes the hottie of Bollywood Sunny Leone had entered the house, and she had good interacting with the housemates.

One of Asim fans shared a throwback video where you can see the young lad dancing along with Sunny Leone.

The two really have good chemistry, and seems to be setting the stage on fire.

Well, there were rumours that Asim would be doing a Bollywood movie with Sunny but there was no confirmation of the same.

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