Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli seems to be upset with Eijaz and Pavitra’s return to the show

Since Bigg Boss’s new season aired on television, the only contestant to have stood out of the show was Nikki Tamboli and in the first week itself, she marked her presence in the show.

She performed a task and played the game so well that the seniors chose her as a confirmed contestant on the show and also had some powers after she joined the group of the seniors.

In an unseen video, Nikki is seen talking to Rahul and she is quite upset and her mood is off as she was quite close to Siddarth and Gauahar and they left the house and she isn’t feeling good.

She also tells him that she was sad and shocked that Eijaz and Pavitra were evicted as she thought that there were very strong contestants for the show.

Rahul then tells her she should be happy that they are back to which Nikki tells him that she didn’t expect them to back so soon and was taken aback.

She mentions that she is very emotional and if she feels bad about something she starts to cry.

Seems like Nikki has taken Ejaz and Pavitra as a tough contender for the show and isn’t happy that they are back on the show so quickly.

Well, there is no doubt that Eijaz and Pavitra are very strong personalities for the show and have a possibility to go a long way in the show.

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