Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli and Sidharth Shukla’s eye-ball grabbing sensuous rain-dance chemistry is grabbing massive attention

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, the girls of the house Rubina Dilaik, Nikki Tamboli, Jasmin Bhasin and Pavitra Punia will be seen doing a sensuous rain-dance with their senior Sidharth Shukla, while the latter seems to enjoy this attention.

While everybody tapped their feet with Sidharth, it was Nikki Tamboli and Sidharth Shukla’s crackling chemistry that grabbed eyeballs

Apart from this dance-drama, viewers would also witness the entire house to be against Nikki Tamboli as they are yet unable to settle on the 7 essentials which they need from senior Hina Khan.

Nikki is still adamant and wants 2 items. Senior Gauhar Khan orders that contestants won’t get food until they come to a final conclusion.

Pavitra Punia says if she feels hungry, she will eat no matter what.

In one of the other tasks, the girls are seen roaming around in the garden area with coke glasses on a tray.

Out of frustration, Shehzad Deol comes and drops Nikki Tamboli’s glass and Pavitra’s tray. Following suit, Pavitra and Jasmin Bhasin warns Shehnaaz of kicking her if she approaches them and further asks her to shout at the one responsible for the mess, by hinting at Nikki Tamboli.

Next, on gaining immunity by winning the task of collecting maximum pieces of jewellery, Bigg Boss gives an option to Abhinav Shukla for trading his immunity against wife Rubina Dilaik, in order to welcome her inside the house as a fresher contestant by removing the ‘rejected’ tag on from her.

Rubina and Abhinav are now in a soup as they were also seen shedding tears on getting emotional.

With so much drama unfolding, tonight’s episode seems to be a complete masala potboiler.

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