Bigg Boss 14: Netizens claim Arshi Khan’s ‘Vikas Paratha Center’ a MASSIVE HIT! Deets inside

In a hilarious attempt to irritate Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan who is a top entertainer in the Bigg Boss 14’s house has suggested he open a celebrity paratha centre. She asks Vikas to invite the television industry for its inauguration and says that she will come although he might have a no entry sign for her.

Arshi then imitates a flight announcement by saying ‘Vikas Paratha Center’ & recites a menu of dal, aloo, paneer and gobi parathas. She also announces free home delivery by Vikas Gupta himself. ‘Vikas Paratha Center’ became an instant hit with the Bigg boss fans on social media with many tweeting about the hilarious banter.

Arshi Khan also revealed her plan to flirt with Abhinav. She said, “I will try to flirt and tease the gentleman. It will be fun and make Rubina react as they are playing too safe. It will bring on the entertainment.”.

In one of the episode, Arshi was seen in a hilarious exchange of words with Abhinav where she questions him about why he’s always sitting outside. Abhinav says he likes the outdoors more than indoors. To this, Arshi laughs and says, “So you like everything outdoors? Wow!”.

Her frenemy Vikas Gupta warns Abhinav of Arshi’s unpredictable comebacks and says he knew that the double meaning jokes were coming.

Arshi had sworn to flirt with Abhinav before entering the house.

Meanwhile, there are reports of Vikas Gupta being ousted from the house for getting physically violent with Arshi Khan. Bigg Boss punished Gupta after he pushed Khan into the pool.

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