Avika Gor pens an emotional note reinforcing conservation of the nature

Avika Gor is not just a remarkable actress but also a responsibile citizen. The young starlet is an inspiration to millions and is living up to the her aspirational quotient by proving to be the perfect role model.

Recently, the actress took to social media to share her experience of encountering litter outdoors, especially naturally beautiful locations. Penning a heartfelt request to her fans and followers to keep the environment clean, Avika Gor shared before and after pictures of places she and her team cleaned post shooting in the vicinity.

The actress shared, “I feel privileged in many ways. One big benefit of what I do, is getting the opportunity to visit many beautiful places in our country for shoot(Recent examples – Arraku, Vizag, Chikmagalur, etc). The greenery, the scenery, the peace, the people and so much more warms my heart.

However, what bothers me at these places, are the footprints that we all leave behind. The plastic, the dirt, the writing, etc takes the beauty out of these places.

Anyway, each time I encounter something like this(which is very frequent), my team & I clean the place & hope to find it just as clean the next day, but that never happens. So, we do it again anyway. Similar to how some of us have started cleaning some beaches nowadays, and we come back a week later to find the exact same filth. I wish we could stop this cycle. I wish that each of us would make that little effort to bring out the beauty of the places around us.

Initially, when I thought of sharing this with you all, I thought of showing you all the “Before” & “After” pictures once we were done cleaning. I wanted to show how beautiful these places look without our junk left behind. But then I realised that I would be lying to you if I showed you the clean picture, because the cleaned place will be dirty again in less than 24 hours. I didn’t want to give you false hope today. It won’t change, unless each of us changes.

Please share this message as much as possible
Thank you.”

Avika Gor rose to fame with her popular and much-loved television show ‘Balika Vadhu’, post which the actress continued to impress the masses with her performances in shows as well as films.

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