Ashnoor Kaur is learning THIS new game while on quarantine

The entire nation has been suffering from the deadly coronavirus and it is spreading rapidly across the world. Due to this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced 21 days of lockdown. This decision has been taken for everyone’s safety.

Everyone is staying home and making sure not to step out until and unless there’s an emergency. The same goes for our popular TV stars who are busy doing various activities to kill time.

Also, they are constantly keeping their social media accounts updated to make sure to stay connected with their fans.

Ashnoor Kaur too is utilising her quarantine time by reading books and picking up various activities. And now, the latest thing she has decided to learn is to play Chess.

The actress posted on her Instagram account how she is learning to play chess in order to kill time in the coming days.

Well, Ashnoor has definitely given a great idea to all those who are struggling to find ways to keep themselves occupied.

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