Ankita Lokhande is missing boyfriend Vicky Jain

Vivek Oberoi, Ankita Lokhande and producer, Ssandip Singh, recently. The actors and the producer were in a fun mood and spoke about everything under the roof- right from their controversies, to COVID-19, to politics, love life, and more.

Ssandip took out the topic of video calling and shared with us how Ankita has been making a lot of video calls and we took the opportunity to ask her, who all are on that calling list.

At first, Ankita blushed and hesitated as she knew where the conversation was headed, but finally said, ‘I do make video calls to my boyfriend, Vicky Jain and yes I am missing him a lot. He is in Bilaspur with his family, taking care of them.’

The actress further added, ‘I am also missing my parents a lot. They are in Indore and I am worried about them.’

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