An actor’s life is very demanding: Srishti Jain

Actress Srishti Jain, who plays beautiful Navya Tiwari, was recently unwell due to tonsillitis. She went through a severe pain and fever which led to weight loss as well.

Srishti says,”This was the first time I dealt with tonsillitis and honestly I hope I never have to deal with it again. I am going to be extra careful from now on. Close to 90%of my throat was blocked with swelling. Eating food was like swallowing glass. I was managing to swallow pills somehow because I had to get better but I could barely eat for 4 days. I had constant fever due to the infection. I’m still recovering from the weakness. I have lost weight as well since my diet was not proper. Well this is the fun part! Now I get to eat whatever I want so I can gain the weight again. So in this respect, I have no complains.”

Hamari Wali Good News recently completed its half-century and Srishti is super excited about that. She feels that an actor’s life is very demanding and responsible as the commitment to both are vital. She adds,”An actor’s life is always on the roll. It was not easy to give the scenes cause I was mute, the production house had to hire a dubbing artist to dub my voice. Plus I was dizzy most of the time but I couldn’t disappoint my fans so I knew I had to go and give my shot. The show must go on.”

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