Actress Donal Bisht orders gym supplies to help her stay fit during quarantine

Roop actress Donal Bisht is giving us some serious fitness goals as she is going that extra mile to achieving the perfect bod! While most actors have been complaining of feeling lackadaisical during their quarantine time, Donal Bisht seems to be pretty determined when it comes to her fitness routine.

Donal, who recently traveled from Mumbai to Delhi to make it in time for her brother’s birthday, says “I and my brother are fitness enthusiasts. So, we thought we’d order in fitness supplies to help us stay fit during our time home. As we’re not allowed to go to the gym”.

Donal constantly posts videos of herself working out on her social media handle, which prove to be a major source of inspiration for her fan following. She says, “Since the shooting can begin anytime now, I want to be in my best shape and ready to start shooting again”.

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