A Comical Twist for Rashi Mal

Rose to fame with Helicopter Eela, actor Rashi Mal is back with a short film Food For Thought for Zee5, a comical feature that involves social commentary on what is expected of girls in Indian society. The film is directed by Tania Deohans, also known for directing several award-winning short films before, landed Rashi as the protagonist. The film also features Tania’s mother, Abaan Deohans, is a veteran actor and plays Rashi’s mother.

Rashi quips, “After meeting the director several times, I was finalized for this role. My character is of a Cardiologist, who is open-minded and traditional enough to meet eligible grooms her parents arrange for her to meet. Yet my character stands out as a progressive and strong woman who knows that her career and her life choices need to be respected.”

Further adding, “It was a wonderful experience and everyone on the set knew each other from before so it was a very comfortable. It felt like home. The actors are all very established and experienced which is always like a cherry on the top. I got to watch and learn a lot from each one of them.”

Upon being asked about the launch of the film during this pandemic situation, Rashi pragmatically adds “It is unfortunate that we are caught unprepared in such an unprecedented situation. But entertainment and art is what is keeping us sane and helping us sail through. So I am happy that this series being a comical tale can serve that purpose. It is a light-hearted film and I am sure it will bring a smile to everyone who watches it.”

Rashi currently has two films on her plate, one is in post-production and the other is still filming. She is also working on the release of her first original song as an independent recording artist, which will release soon, considering the current situation.

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